Public Relations

Lit PR Campaigns
are just one of our specialties.

Vault Media does PR right by clearly outlining to you objectives and goals which can be realized over a 90-day period of time. By defining your target audience and tailoring the best messages to suit them, Vault can then act on its rich media connections to position you right where you need to be.

Our team of PR experts understands how to write an effective press release, a solid and engaging copy, who to approach, and how to secure you placement on the best media outlets around. As they pitch and link you in, you too will be part of our ever-growing network.

Within our network, you will enhance your credibility and boost authority for content and work that you've generated for your business. We have you covered at every level.

High-visiblity Press Releases

Our press releases are keyed in to some of the best and well-known news outlets, like CNN, ABC, and FOX. We can get your press release on these and many others, and the best part is that we will ensure you get all the valuable link juice pointing back to your site—not theirs!

Manual Outreach

Utilizing our extensive list of contacts, we will individually reach out to all those that can help you meet your marketing objectives and defined target audience. This includes journalists, bloggers, and influencers.

Vault Media - Public Relations - Final

Tap Into Our PR Network,

We have the expertise and connections to ignite your digital exposure, driving valuable traffic and increasing SEO.

Almost all press releases today don't give you the good link juice you pay for, but ours does because we host it on your site.

We are well-connected with contacts you don't have—leverage us!

Convert more leads to SALES.